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Thursday, January 27, 2005
There's more drama unfolding in the Logan Young case up in Memphis. Stay tuned to The Tuscaloosa News (registration required) for more information. There's a great interview on Paul Finebaum's website (or it should be soon) with John L. Carroll, the Dean of the Cumberland School of Law.

It's interesting in that Carroll suggests that perhaps the charges against Young were filed because the federal prosecutor felt pressure to do proceed.


A sixty year-old man is facing jailtime because the federal government felt pressure? That's not justice. It's pandering. Still, the whole case is looking good for Tommy Gallion and Ronnie Cottrell. Why? Regardless of Logan Young's outcome, if it is established that the NCAA overlooked the involvement of Kentucky, Georgia, Arkansas and Lord knows who else...it's a good thing for Team Gallion.

And here's hoping that Roy Adams gets hauled in front of a judge again, and this time under oath.
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