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Friday, March 11, 2005
Michael Spencer has written about a dustup involving Brian McLaren and the Kentucky Baptist Conference. He has some cautious words for overly pragmatic evangelicals. Whatever we think of McLaren and the emergent church, the Monk is offering some thoughtful advice. I have yet to read any books by McLaren, though this selection from a letter McLaren wrote to Chuck Colson piques my interest. It piques my interest, mind you, but not necessarily my agreement. I would also like to examine another emergent hotshot, Don Miller; Spencer's review is encouraging.

Here's my worry. Miller is openly political liberal. The activism links on his website are of the sort that would anger Joe Lieberman or perhaps even Joe Biden. McLaren is wishy-washy, at best, what with his ties to Tony Campolo. I'm guessing both guys would suggest that Christians can be conservatives as easily as they can be liberals. I'm not so sure. Conservatism and liberalism make vastly different implications about human nature. Is Scripture so indifferent?

Am I wrong? If so, correct me, but again: conservative views of taxes and welfare say very, very different things about human nature than those of a liberal. Can a Christian take either side and still be in line with Scripture?
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