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Monday, March 21, 2005
My SCO colleague Rick had a nice post over the weekend concerning Democrat obstruction in the Terri Schiavo case. When Rick said that this sort of thing prevents him supporting the Democrats, I was reminded of Rod Dreher's Touchstone piece a few years back, The Godless Party.

The article generated a controversy. Editor S.M. Hutchens responded with this editoral on Practical Atheism. This quote gets to the crux of the whole issue:

One of the most common defenses for Democratic loyalties is to assert the moral equivalence of the two parties, to claim that their respective errors leave the Christian to vote for the one he thinks most Christian, or least unchristian. If the Democrats endorse abortion, sodomy, and the like, Republicans cut social programs for the poor. This is a plausible and attractive argument except for one thing. We know with certainty that abortion and sodomy are evil, but we do not know with any certainty whether any particular disbursement of funds for the poor is good or bad or mixed. Our faith directs us to give alms, quietly and generously, and to bless and care for the widows and the fatherless, but it also tells us that those who will not work shall not eat. Distinctions, often difficult ones, must be made in our policies between who should be marked as poor and who should not, and on how collective monies should be spent or not spent for their relief, the kind of distinctions that have historically marked differing party philosophies, and upon which Christians have historically had differences of opinion. A Christian may think the Democrats’ social, economic, or environmental programs are superior to the Republicans’, but he knows that the Democrats’ moral policies are aggressively ungodly.

I realize this will likely restart an argument I'm fond of having. So be it; this is a hill I'm willing to die on. If a believer wants to support Euro-style economics, fine. We can have that argument another day. And no, a person's salvation is not dependent upon this sort of thing. Still I fail to see how a Christian can support a party that is such a willing accomplice in the Culture of Death.
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