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Saturday, May 28, 2005
I like to measure out my life, to some degree, in landmarks of time. Two examples, both of the related to television. Wednesday night was the season finale of Lost. (It was great, by the way) New episodes won't start up until September. I know I'll be watching the show, but I wonder: where will I watch it? And with whom? And what will I have done that day? How will I look?

The new season of the Sopranos starts in January. I ask the same questions.

Last year, on New Year's Eve, I was in Nashville watching Alabama find a way to lose in the Music City Bowl. Driving back to my friend's apartment after the game, I thought about football. Will Alabama be in a bowl game next year? Will it be another mediocre bowl for teams with 6-5 records or will it be a bowl worthy of Bama's stature? Will I be in attendance? Will I be at the game with my roommate and his girlfriend, just like in Nashville? Will I have someone with me? Or will I fly solo, which isn't all that bad of a thing?

I realize this is slightly neurotic thinking on my part, but I offer it nonetheless. I've been away from this thing for a while, but I've been all kinds of busy taking care of things at work, reading a few good books like this one and this one and this one, making new friends and sleeping. Lots of sleeping.

Before I turn thirty, I'd really like to do this.

I'll rant about the Democrats and John McCain later, but believe me, it's coming.

Also, go here.
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