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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Goodness, I'm tired. Lots of driving today, all the way down to the lower reaches of South Alabama. Evergreen, Alabama is one of those sad, sleepy towns where everything looks like did ten or twenty years ago. I met three senior adults who had lived there all of their lives, and I wonder how much (or how little) they had seen during that time. What has life been like in a sultry rural community?

I brought my camera with me, but I failed to take pictures of the two most interesting sites on I-65 between Montgomery and Birmingham. The sign reading "Go To Church or the Devil Will Get You" has been along the interstate for probably ten years, and I always forget to pull over and take a picture. Likewise I missed the tin barn adorned with a crude star made of Christmas lights and a spray-painted bed sheet reading "Happy Birthday Billy Graham." It would have been nice to have those pictures. Maybe put them on the wall next to a picture of a puppy or something. Though I don't have any pictures of puppies.

I have half of a calzone sitting in the refrigerator. I don't think I should eat it.
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