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Monday, June 06, 2005
The humidity. Woe woe the humidity. It may be the only bad part about living in Dixie.

I realized the other night that so many of my favorite bands (Over the Rhine, Low, the Innocence Mission) are based around husband and wife duos. I saw Rainer Maria Friday night, another marriage rock band. The band was strong with a powerful energy. I was slightly surprised, figuring the whole thing might be more withdrawn. As it was, it was great.

My Morning Jacket was later in the evening and, frankly, a little disappointing. The sound mix was terrible and the crowd was a bit much. Oh well.

Last night was Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. Willie was solid, but very uninspired. Lots of old favorites, but he seemed like he was going through the motions. Dylan, on the other hand, was on fire. He plowed through a nearly ninety minute set with an intensity that was refreshing. Definitely worth my time and money, and the company of friends was an added treat.
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