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Monday, June 20, 2005
I need to change the name of this website. "Crash" is not my last name. I remember when it became my calling card several years ago, and that's the only way many people knew me. Talk about embarrassing. I once had a month-long crush on a friend of mine, only to learn that she didn't even know my name. Why? Because of this inane nickname. To make matters worse, I had to go and get recognized with this blog and now half the blogosphere (a whopping .5% of the country) knows about all this. I mean, it's great that Hugh Hewitt dropped my name in Blog, but if I found my way to a blog convention I'd have to call myself Matt Crash or else no one would know me.

I could put it this way. I've had friends for three and four years that don't know my parents. That's ok; we're all a little displaced down here in Tuscaloosa. But when my parents are known as Mama Crash and Daddy Crash, we've developed a problem.

I've warmed up to the new Coldplay a whole lot. It's no Rush of Blood... but it ain't bad. Not at all.

I've listened to a lot of music lately. I can't take that Damien Rice record out of the cd player.

"Did I say that I loathe you?" Unbelievable.

So I got into graduate school. Two more years at the University of Alabama. Rammer jammer, baby. This town is full of surprises. And alligators. I'm aiming for a M.A. in History. American history. American political history. American political and religious history. History of ideology? Conservatism? Or maybe just bluegrass. I'd have to grow a beard. I'll do that anyway.

A full weekend report from Birmingham is coming up. And my thoughts on the One campaign and cheap grace. And Spider-Man. And private schools. And a really drunk and hilarious Ryan Adams.
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