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Saturday, June 25, 2005
International Crisis Group is another great resource for Sudan activism. Take a moment to visit; the people of Darfur and the other ravaged regions of Sudan need our help and support.

I just got home from Birmingham, where I joined Eric G. Mann to hear Byron York give a short talk at Barnes and Noble. I picked up a signed copy of the book, the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, and had a brief moment to ask York about his time at the University of Alabama. York was at the Capstone during the 70s. I didn't realize that he was that old. He must not be much of football fan, either, because when I mentioned that he was here during the golden years, it took a minute to sink in. Before heading back to Tuscaloosa, I drove the curvy road through the green hills of Mountain Brook to eat a delicious lunch at Chez Lulu and pick up some bread and pastries from the Continental Bakery. Not a bad day at all so far.

The Braves just won with a leadoff homer by Andruw Jones. He's tearing it up.
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