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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
My friend Kathryn offers a response to my post on sex and dating. It's worth reading because she's a girl, thus with a different perspective than me, and she's smarter than I am.

You should also read it because we really are friends, as opposed to "online blogging colleagues" or somesuch. And her last two posts relate to me, although is slightly embarrassing. But only slightly.

In addition to Kathryn's remarks, read the comments (and contribute!) to the post below. My friend Traci offers a few suggestions that have a clarifying quality. I think the terms are better defined now than they were earlier in the day. I think the aversion towards too much physical contact is a good thing. I think hanging out in groups is a good idea, as well. I confess that when getting specific about spending time alone, things get a bit muddy. I don't mean alone as in a hotel room or hot tub, I mean alone as in dinner or a movie or a walk in the park. Where to draw the line in emotional terms is likely to be a bit tricky, but I don't dispute the wisdom in this thinking at all.
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