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Friday, June 24, 2005
My friend Michael Spencer has an interesting post up about the theological resurgence within the Southern Baptist Convention and its effects on cultural and missional issues. Steve McCoy has a follow up post, looking for comments from readers and colleagues.

Here's a suggestion. Just my two cents. I feel like, in a way, there's two churches. There's the invisible Body of Christ, and then there's the visible, tangible local body of believers. The second usually meets in a building with a steeple. Why not have the first group, as a body of mere Christians, work on cultural issues? It can be abortion, gay issues, the environment, schools or whatever. And let the second group, the local Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal or whatever group concern itself with the Gospel and missions.

That's a crude sketch, but do you think it might be a reasonable way to draw lines? Put another way: It's one thing for Russ Moore to speak against public schools as an editor of Touchstone. It's another thing altogether for him to do it as an official representative of the Southern Baptist Convention.

What do you think?
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