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Thursday, July 21, 2005
A watched pot never boils, says Mom, so instead of idling away in the kitchen, I'm here at the computer listening to a really great jazz album.

I just ate a salad; spinach and another dark leaf, grape tomatoes, slice almonds and organic balsamic vingarette. It was delicious. I'm fixing pasta in a minute, to eat with sauteed portobello slices and an alredo sauce that I've seasoned with black pepper and lemon juice. It's not perfect, but it does the trick. Perhaps it's fitting that since I talk about food a lot, my most annoying (and I do mean annoying) health issue is this nasty devil called acid reflux.

I'm not quite sure where it comes from. I've not eaten meat in almost a month, and it's still there. I can go three days with no coffee and it's still there. I can go without dairy for a few days and, yep, I still have a burning in my chest. Why? I suppose it's a lot of things; stress, genetics, eating too quickly, the thought of another mediocre Alabama football season. I'm bad about eating too quickly. Maybe I get nervous? That's possible, but I find it hard to eat at home alone, when I am most definitely not nervous. (Can anyone be nervous with Art Blakey on the stereo? I doubt it very much)

I'm not sure of the solution but I know I do feel better with lots of water and fresh salads and pasta, food cooked the way God meant for it to be. I know I feel much better when I stay away from fast food and processed junk that isn't healthy, wholesome or even tasty. So that's part of the solution, but as for the other part, I might need to start searching for a good doctor. And some Rolaids.
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