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Monday, August 08, 2005
"I saw Gettysburg today. How poingnant a place it is, to think that tens of thousands died on the fields between those two ridges. Both sides fought with valor and integrity, but I am so greatful that - by God's providence - the Union was saved. Today we saw the central Pennsylvania countryside. It's a beautiful place, full of flowers and produce and simplicty."

August 1, 2005

"It was a simple place; open fields, rock fence walls and rows of corn. It's beautiful, the kind of place that a man might look at as a place for raising a family. and yet thousands of men died along antietem creek as two armies decided our nation's fate. It has indeed been a providential existence for the United States."

August 2, 2005

"Jazz really is the quintessential American music with its rhythym and movement and verve. It resonates in the harbor at sunset, the soundtrack to sidewalks, sailboats and cigar smoke.
Annapolis is a great town, old and inviting. I can walk cobblestone streets for hours, the same streets laid by colonits and patriots. The Chesapeakse Bay is wide and spectacular. What an expanse it leads to the ocean. The Naval Academy is inspiring as a place where brave men and women begin to walk a path of valor. Eternal Father, Strong to Save..."

August 4, 2005
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