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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Oh, it's been too long. There's a lot going on with me personally - all of it good - and there's a fair amount going on in the rest of the world. I started graduate school at the University of Alabama yesterday. While I'll be busy, I think the increased workload will actually keep me motivated to work hard at keeping this blog busy. I'll also try my best to stay active at Stones Cry Out, a great group blog.

I'm starting to read Dominion by Matthew Scully, so if I start harping about animal rights, that's why. I won't get carried away, but I'll probably rant a bit. What else is new?

Pat Robertson's comments about Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez were more than inappropriate. They were downright foolish. I'm glad Robertson followed Al Mohler's advice and apologized. The whole situation is embarrassing, chiefly because it manages to drag the name of Christ through the mud. From a secondary standpoint, though, I fear that a lot of people will ignore Chavez, who is an absolutely brutal tyrant. He is not an ally of democracy, freedom and human rights.

We hit up the local farmer's market the other day. I haven't used my squash yet; I hope it doesn't go bad. I did manage to buy some organic goat's milk soap. It's nice stuff. Smells great, doesn't cost much and it's all natural. Here's a funny thing about organic food. When explaining why I opt for the organics, a response you often recieve is someone exclaiming, "Why, that's the way we used to eat vegetables growing up!" I always want to respond, "Yeah, and they tasted a lot better back then, didn't they?"

I saw this article at Focus on the Family the other day. Read it and then read this rejoinder by Michael Spencer. Here's Michael's money quote:

Focus On The Family is to be commended for its constant efforts to help families with children. There are many good resources linked from this site that encourage the positive involvements of fathers in the lives of their children. Information about the effects of distant and conflicted parents is very helpful. The information in this list, however, leaves me with the impression that the evangelical war on homosexuality is sometimes manifested by looking at our own children with very biased and fearful eyes.

I know Focus on the Family meant well, but that list is one that is easily manipulated. I'd like to think that such a well-respected (and deservedly so) organization would be a bit more thoughtful. A tearful eight-year-old does not a homosexual make, particularly in a world of rabid baseball leagues and he-man warriors. I say that with all due respect to sports, because I played baseball for years. I think sports are a great thing and it's certainly good to see young boys fighting and wrestling, but if a kid doesn't, it does not mean he's gay. What a silly thing to promulgate. Now, if said eight year old has a serious Cher fascination and is always wanting to redesign the curtains in the living room, you might have an issue. Otherwise, I don't know that it's something to worry about. Then again I'm not a parent, so who knows.
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