Doce me faces voluntarem tuam quia Deus meus es tu

Sunday, September 18, 2005
This is not a true story. Just a thought. Here it goes:

To say that I found God is to suggest that I was a child. A very young child, wandering about in a store. I left my mother’s side and found a shelf full of toys and candy and games. I was entranced by the lights and the sounds; the bells and whistles and sparkles. There were samples of candy and soft drinks. I ate and drank my fill, my teeth sore with sugar. My eyes glazed over with envy at the sights of the glittering lights. My ears rang at the sound of toys and trains and fanciful music. My joy was immense until I remembered my mother.

Where was she? Did she leave me? Where did she go? Why was I alone?

I was scared. I was alone. I had my fill of toys and games and candy and Dr. Pepper but I was without my mother. I could not do without her. I wanted her more than I wanted another candy bar or a sip of soda or a chance to play with an electric train.

I wanted my mother. Tears streaming down my face, gasping for breath, I ran around the corner. At the end of the aisle, far away to my young perception, my mother stood looking at a new vacuum cleaner. I ran as fast my little legs could carry me and I jumped into her arms. I buried my face in her shoulder and clung to her arms. I was relieved, immensely grateful to be in her embrace. I no longer cared for the games and the candy. I was with my mother and I was safe.

But had I found her? No, for when I was older she recounted the story to me. She had seen me wander off, and hoping to teach me a lesson, she stayed a safe distance behind. She was keeping an eye out for strangers and wet floors and falling teddy bears. She knew when it dawned upon me that I was missing, alone and her heart broke at the sight of my frightened tears. She moved away only to keep up the illusion.

But our Lord makes no pretensions. There is no illusion with God. We wander away to the toy aisle and He stays right behind us. He is next to us all the while we carry on as though the sugar and the glitter will suffice while we leave Him behind. No, we do not find God. He appears new only because we have stayed away so long. He was never unaware of our position; He has his eye on us all the while.
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