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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Ever the pessimist, I have given up on the idea that this blog will ever become a popular spot on the internet. If I were to ever rise about one hundred readers per day, that would be an accomplishment. Ah, well. It's a difficult thing because my writing does not fall into a neat category. It's not just theology. It's not just politics or culture or sports. It just is. I feel rather comfortable with that, but the results aren't always impressive.

I'll write on topics that interest me. Our culture has become crass and vulgar. The disdain for Christmas is part of it. I don't mean stores saying "Happy Holidays," but instead I mean the growing number of people who seem to think it silly that anyone - religious or not - would have a time of the year that is more formal and serious, worthy of decent dress and clean houses and fine food. I work in a record store. There were constant complaints among the employees concerning the Christmas music played in the store. And the problem wasn't so much the annoying songs (see Alvin and the Chipmunks). It was the standards of Christmas, even vocal-less jazz standards. Customer and employee alike preferred to turn off the seasonal music. I found this sad on several levels. No one cared. They had no time for a unique season, different in its sounds and smells and tastes and appearances. The preference was for everyday mundane and boring.

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