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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Having just completed a delightful missive on the Jacksonian nature of the early Republican Party, let me take a brief study break.

At around noon next Wednesday - that's December 14 - I'll be finished with my first semester of graduate school. If you listen close, you might be able to hear me shout Hallelujah. Once the holiday (wait, I mean Christmas) break is here, I plan on doing a few things. First, I shall write and write often. In notebooks and on pages. Words and quotes and pictures. Second, I shall take pictures. Lots of pictures of streets and trees and the river and Christmas lights and her. Third, I shall read. My goal for the break is three novels. Right now I'm shooting for The Moviegoer by Walker Percy, American Pastoral by Phillip Roth and something by Saul Bellow, perhaps The Adventures of Augie March.

Or I might be a glutton for punishment and try reading some Camus.

Do you, dear reader, have any suggestions?

I also need a nice philosophical anthology. Anyone have a good idea on that score?

And if I get really masochistic, I might take up Nietzsche.

And just to irritate my leftist friends, I'll look into reading some Leo Strauss.
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