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Sunday, December 04, 2005
Lifestyle magazines speak often about the phenomen of holiday weight, wherein we are saddled with an extra ten pounds as a result of holiday events; Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, office parties, red and green M&Ms and the general sloth that accompanies extra time off work and school. I've noticed the problem is not quite so severe now that I am a vegetarian, but I have a new issue.

Let us just say that having a load of homework now carries more than one meaning. I am here amidst a stack of books about the Scottish Reformation, some popcorn, some candy. I see the next ten days full of pizza and coffee and Cherry Coke and doughnuts. At Yuletide I shall find myself mildly pudgy and, I suppose, uncomfortable in my blue jeans. Nevertheless, my work for the semester will be completed. This is the good news to which I look forward.

Speaking of looking forward, I find that the Advent focus on the Prophets really causes the Old Testament to come alive. I like that very much.
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