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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Goodness. This Orange Bowl is some intense football. So here's some randomness.

My girlfriend and I did some intense trail-running today. I am some kind of tired.

My roommate and his girlfriend were on television yesterday, standing in their seats at the Cotton Bowl while waiting for the Crimson Tide to pull out an incredible victory.

College football is the greatest game in the world. The season will be over in about twenty-four hours. Sad. Ah well, I've got the NFL playoffs, March Madness, the Master's, the British Open and baseball. I think I'll manage.

Wonder what life will be like when college football resumes in September?

New Year's resolutions? Know God. Love God. Know and love my friends and family. Read more. Write more. Take more pictures. Spend more time with the grandparents. Run. Get a bike. Go fishing. More jazz and blues and country. Write a magnificent seminar paper. Get it published. Present it at a conference. Save money. Be wise. Love. Give.

Good night.

(Lori where is your phone?)
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