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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Here's some confessional blogging. I shall make a list.

- I always find the period from the Super Bowl to the NCAA men's basketball tournament is really boring. Maybe this year I can find a way to remedy the boredom. I do have a seminar paper to write. That should do the trick. Either way, I miss football already and it's high time that baseball gets started.

- Sometimes I find myself observing something serious - a political debate, a talk show, even a sermon - and all I can think is "Man, that guy is wearing such an ugly tie." Of course, I have never, ever, thought such a thing while hearing my father preach. The man has impeccable taste in neckwear. Most of the time. Ha.

- Even if he is an idiot, I really like Kanye West. Why are the best rappers always such looney tunes? Jay-Z is the obvious exception, of course. (P.S. Jonah Goldberg has advice for every religious leader who is going to have a hissy fit over this)

- I remain convinced that jazz, even bebop and free jazz, is the quintissential music of the American city, a pulsating sound birthed in steamboats and stockyards and smoky nightclubs.

- I am neurotic about my laundry. Whenever the laundry basket is full, I must do the wash. This is true, even if I still have plenty of things to wear. Consequently, I end up wearing the same thing all too often. It's not that I insist on wearing that striped shirt every week; it's just that I get nervous with a closet full of dirty shirts.

- I often wonder how pacifists would feel if someone attacked their family.

- I don't know that I like my beard, but I really don't like shaving.

- I'm not Hugh Hewitt's biggest fan, but he's always been good to me and the guys at Stones Cry Out. Today he absolutely destroyed a jerk of a writer for the L.A. Times.

I really love spending time with this girl. She is a sheer delight.

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