Doce me faces voluntarem tuam quia Deus meus es tu

Tuesday, January 10, 2006
The other day I mentioned to Lori that, all in all, the sovereignty of God is something that I can grasp without too much difficulty.

Remember that scene in Christmas Vacation were Chevy Chase says to Beverly D'Angelo, "how could things possibly be worse?"

Yeah, I should have known better.

Today was rather nice. I love cold weather, but this mild spell is pleasant enough. I had run a few errands this morning. Some cleaning supplies at Target, but also a nice bagel and some tarragon for a creamy garlic sauce I want to master. A trek to another store saw me leave with a nice, althought shockingly inexpensive, tie. I have nice new athletic pants in which to lounge around the apartment. My plans for supper are to practice the sauce, enjoy some new pasta and olive oil that I have recently acquired. I found some nicely priced black tea today, as well. I felt good.

And then came a little reminder that, even when I am not feeling prideful (and if I was feeling prideful today, it was only subconsciously), I am not totally in control. The reminder came in the form of me rear-ending a lady at one of the busiest intersections in the state. No pain was inflicted, the damage was minimal, so I pray that any financial pinches will be quick, swift and only as difficult as necessary.

So here I sit, stuffy-nosed but comfortable in a ten dollar pair of Adidas track pants, knowing that my life is bigger than a nice cup of tea, tarragon and garlic cream sauce or a pretty striped tie. It's even bigger than a fender-bender, too, though I confess I am having trouble admitting as much to my own heart. And yet God is in control, as He reminded Job and David and Paul and Augustine and Luther and Calvin and Lewis and the oppressed believers of China, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan and Venezuela. All is well, and all most certainly shall be well very soon enough.
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