Doce me faces voluntarem tuam quia Deus meus es tu

Sunday, February 12, 2006
Sounds like Chuck Colson has had it with much of what passes for "worship" in church these days. (HT: Glenn at CGO)

So have some other people. See here, here and here.

This is the most poignant part of Colson's rant:

"This view was confirmed by a Christian homemaker during a TV special on evangelicalism. She is so busy, she explained, with her kids, Bible study, cooking, and all, that she does not even get to read the newspaper. Church for her is getting her spirits lifted. Now admittedly, modern life creates enormous stress, but can’t the Church offer comfort and help people confront the culture? Of course, music is important in the life of the Church. But it cannot replace solid teaching."

I am tired of being told that repeating theologically weak choruses is how I should connect with God. That Jesus is my lover and my daddy. Yes, Christ loves the Church and gave His life for it. Yes, God is our Heavenly Father. But I have a girlfriend already. I do not need another one. I need the Mighty Fortress, the Fount of Every Blessing...I need Him to be my Vision. Of course, the response to my comments would be that just as I need the God who is a Mighty Fortress, someone else needs Him to be the lover of their soul. Fair enough, but a great portion of modern worship music is written to appeal to the deeper emotional needs of people who have been wounded. The Church should be a haven, a resting place for these folks...but someone's emotional needs should not dominate corporate worship. For that matter, deeply personal songs of distress and longing for God should not become the centerpiece of the Church's worship. We worship God in Spirit and in Truth, not just in the subjective needs of our own hearts.
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