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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
I'm avoiding politics right now, mostly to help clear my mind while trying to write a paper about Confederate discontent aimed at General Braxton Bragg.

I think I shall entitle the paper "To Live in Discontent."

Nice, huh?

Things are quiet lately. Lots of good talks with my fiance, about all sorts of matters. A clean apartment, allowing me to think just a bit better. Walks outside under train tressles to dams and dirty rivers. It's like an AVAIL song, only my jeans do not have holes.

I'm thinking of writing a bit on the rock bands that have really and truly been the most important to me. Rock music is, in many ways, a superficial thing, some existential boast about the frailty of youth. And yet it sticks with us for longer than we might expect. I will devote some time to this in the coming days.

For now, my playlist is:

M. Ward - Transistor Radio
Fugazi - Red Medicine
Songs: Ohia - Aces and Axxess
The Evens - s/t
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