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Saturday, March 11, 2006
In a post remembering the evangelical scholar Ronald Nash, Russell Moore says this:

"The issue was lost at the point of whether God had spoken; indeed, whether he could speak. I think of this insight often when I see younger evangelicals, including some Southern Baptists, falling for the absurdly postmodern emo-liberalism of the "emerging church" wind of doctrine now sweeping through evangelical dorm rooms and blog sites."

I'm a bit conflicted here. I can sympathize with the emerging idea of doing church differently or being, for lack of a different term, relevant to our culture. And yet I find Brian McLaren to be downright disturbing. And even if Blue Like Jazz is a nice retelling of Don Miller's journey with Jesus, I can't overlook the fact that he's using his position to promote the inane babblings of a loon like Cornel West. Surely someone out there can do this sort of writing without serving as a mouthpiece for that sort of nonsense.

Then again, maybe not.
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