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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
A few monents of talk before diving into a manic revision of a research paper.

I've made some stunning finds at used bookstores lately. I'm not talking about collector's stores. I'm talking about "friends of the library" sort of places where the books are only a dollar or two. And I've found very nice things; William F. Buckley first editions, cheap paperbacks by Dos Passos and Dostoyevsky. This works well for me because it allows me to build a library very cheaply.

It also turns me into something of a crank.

I've tried to be thrifty as of late, in order to save for marriage and just to practice general wisdom with my funds. The problem is that I find myself incapable of paying more than five dollars for a book or a cd. I all but refuse to buy a new dvd, and I'll probably do the same thing with clothes. I don't mean to imply that this is a bad thing; just a new development. Of course, being a crank may not be such a bad thing if it allows me to store away my money for a rainy day or for some charitable giving when the need arises.

And I've got a growing library, to boot. I can live with that.
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