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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Lately I've thought about O'Sullivan's First Law. This rule states that any organization that "all organizations that are not actually right wing will over time become left wing." John Leo talked about it here. Loosely translated, organizations that are not specifically dedicated to certain propositions usually drift towards liberalism. And by the phrase "certain propositions," I don't mean a bland commitment to "equality" and "fairness."

I often wonder about this in regard to the Church. There's so much talk these days about dialogue with one another. I agree that believers should be open-minded, but at what point do we agree that, on a number of issues, there is nothing left to discuss? We can theorize about a lot of things, but either abortion-on-demand is wrong or it isn't. That says nothing about how we treat others; it just says that we believe certain things without apology. Either Scripture means what it teaches about sexual morality, or it doesn't. And my fear is that as we get bogged down into dialogue, we will talk ourselves into oblivion. Dialoguing to consensus has become a trend of sorts in evangelical cirlces. What troubles me is that so few seem willing to recognize the process as the product of Hegelian-Marxist thought. A process, by the way, used most effectively by the Politburo.

Call that a slander if you like, but history is history. Awful big coincidence that those Christians who are most encouraging dialogue above all else are also political leftists. Just saying is all.

So what do we do? I believe we can dialogue with non-Christians about all sorts of things. I think a great many in my generation will not come to Christ through an alter call or a revival service. They will come to Christ over coffee and in discussion groups. But as for our brothers and sisters in Christ, we must not waver on foundations. If the dialogue is aimed at questioning orthodoxy, I fear that we do indeed dignify those questions by our willingness to offer a response.

So I can dialogue with my nonbelieving friends, but within the bounds of the Church, at some point, sooner or later, after 2000 years...some things are true. We no longer question them; we affirm. If they're not true, then, let's pack it all up and buy season tickets to the Colts.
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