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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Today is the sixty-second anniversary of D-Day. I remain in awe of those young men - some six thousand or so - who never made it off the beaches of Normandy before their lives ended. I am in debt to those men who scaled the cliffs amid a flurry of Nazi gunfire. What bravery they knew! And there were others; the paratroopers of Operation Market Garden, for instance. So many of them were may age, and I have scarcely seen such danger.

The temptation for self-loathing is great. I am almost twenty-five years old and have never come close to that kind of bravery. Prior to September 11, my generation had nothing to test us, to try us. Sports have been our outlet, I suppose, and it is for this reason that I become very quickly annoyed with others, particularly my fellow believers, who regard sports as foolish and pointless. No, men must be tested. If not on the battlefield, then at least on the football field. If we do not hunt the enemy, we must at least hunt deer. If do not scale the cliffs at Normany, we must scale the cliffs of the Appalachians. We must do something, for if not, our courage will surely atrohpy. Then when troubles come, and let us know that they must assuredly will, we will be in grave, grave danger.
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