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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
The wedding is almost here. I'm hoping that after the honeymoon and once school resumes, blogging will be more consistent.

Billie Holiday never, ever gets old. Never ever ever.

My grandmother and I spent a little time together. It's always fun because we're both sarcastic and silly. Granny, unlike me, is not much of a fan of the Paul Finebaum show. Now, I'm sympathetic to her view, as I believe that Finebaum is, in Warren St. John's words, a "grade-A sh*t-stirrer."

Anyway, I was teasing Granny with the idea that I would turn on the show while we were in the car. That was irritating enough to her, but then I threatened to call the show from the car and announce on the air that my grandmother was no fan of Finebaum. I backed off and we continued down the road. I commented to Granny that Finebaum is a tall fellow, and she mentioned that his wife is a surgeon. I said yes ma'am, she is. She works at UAB, I believe. Her name's Linda. Then the following exchance took place.

Granny: "But she don't go by the name of Finebaum, does she?"

Me: "No ma'am. I believe she kept her maiden name for professional purposes."

Granny: "Well. I would have kept my name, too, if I was married to him."

Then we clapped our hands at a red light in a bad neighborhood in northwest Birmingham. We stopped because "they might think we're crazy and want to send us down to Tuscaloosa to the asylum."
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