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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Al Mohler on the Benedict XVI and Islam issue.

I agree with everything Mohler has to say, which is in short: "The Pope's right but the Church teaching on Islam is muddled and the papacy isn't biblical in the first place."

The problem with Mohler's comments is that it takes him several paragraphs to get around to defending Ratzinger. He has to first explain why the papacy isn't Biblical and then he discusses the Church's lack of clarity. And he's right, but can't that wait? Just a few paragraphs? Mohler's an intelligent man, and I know he's far more willing to work with his Catholic brothers than a lot of conservative evangelicals would be. But Mohler does himself no favors when he can't defend the Pope - who's dead right on this issue - from his naysayers without first making sure that everyone knows that Catholic teaching is incorrect.

Just once I'd like to see the comments of a non-evangelical believer defended without so much qualification.
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